Option 1

Peer reviewer will Make a model by himself using their own software and then check the sufficiency of the sections provided in the drawings produced by the main consultant. If sections are insufficient, they will be commented and suggestions will be given to increase the section sizes.DBR produced by the main consultant and signed by the client is required for peer review to understand the structural stability system mentioned in it to resist the gravity and lateral loads combination, as well as the ;loads applied on the structure considering lateral loads of wind and earth quake. our peer review ends with the certification of the same once for all and peer reviewer will not be involved in the further construction and review of any revised drawings

Option 2

In addition to work done in option 1, Optimisation of the sections will be done and reviewed in discussions with the main consultant, and client, and drawings if necessary will be revised in consultation with the main consultant. This process will require time of two months as a minimum, and will also depend upon production of drawings early by the main consultant.Once we certify the drawings, Peer review responsibility ends,and he will submit a report to that effect.Peer reviewer will not be responsible to the further construction process

Option 3

in addition to Option 2, if client requires, consultancy services can be extended by the peer reviewer during the construction process too, and charges will be extra in addition to peer review